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Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year!  I'm finding myself having a hard time to get in the spirit this year though, due to the record high temperatures!  It's going to be in the high 80's.  We celebrated with parties over the weekend and carved pumpkins last night, so I'm really trying! I'm enjoying the beauty of fall with the beautiful trees, I just wish the air was crisp.  Don't fear, the outfit I'm going to feature today here will surely put everyone in the Halloween mood!  

This cute skirt is courtesy of Sweet Midnight. It's the black cat skirt in purple and green. I absolutely love it!  It's an adorable vintage cat with fish bones.  The skirt is a very full A line with an elastic waistband.  There is room for a petticoat if you choose to add one.  Sweet Midnight has several creepy, but cute skirt designs available all year long.  They even have a skirt of the month!  I've definitely got my eye on a few!  Their items are handmade in their Bisbee, Arizona studio.  You can find them online, at festivals and a few retailers as well.

I am wearing the Tulip Top from It's the perfect addition to any swing skirt!  It's very fitted, so it goes right into the skirt with no bulges of material hanging over. It's stretchy and has a beautiful scallop neckline. It's available in black, white and red. 

My hair bow is Deviously Sweet Designs, black and white skulls.  I highly recommend to add some accessories from this company to your collection!

Ok, I'm ready for Trick or Treating tonight now! First, I have to make some treats for a customer.  I hope you all have a very fun Halloween!! 

XOXO- Buttercream Bettie

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