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Halloween 2019

It's getting closer to the most spooky night of the year!  Halloween is such a fun night and actually we prep for it all month long.  One of my favorite ways to mark the season is through my clothing and accessories.  Aside from all of the decorations, costume parties, pumpkin carving and spooky baking, wearing Halloween theme clothes is a fun way to express your darker side!  Now, don't get me wrong, these gorgeous pieces can be worn throughout the year and I absolutely do! It's always time for some vintage inspired spiderwebs and bats!

This Daphne Jumper in Double Spiderwebs is from the amazing Miss Fortune!  Laura's styles are always to die for!  This 1940's inspired jumper has a cropped high waist, so it works great with high waist jeans or skirts.  It features dolman sleeves. You may remember my feature of the single web jumper a couple of years ago, now those are still available, but I love this new double web!  It's twice the creepy!  This is available is four color combinations, I am wearing black and charcoal.  I highly recommend browsing the Miss Fortune site because you are going to fall in love with a lot of things, like the Snake Charmer Jumpers!  Amazing! 

Now, I'm "Going a Little Batty" over this new Sweet Midnight Punny Pocket Skirt!  It's so cute!  The purple applique bat pockets are a perfect size to hold your phone and whatever else you may need to carry.  I adore the rhinestone trim on their wings and eyes, it's such a pretty touch!  This skirt has a perfect length to hit right below the knee.  It has a little stretch and zips in the back.  Talk about someone who lives the Halloween life, Sweet Midnight's owner surely does!  You can find adorably, frightful clothing all year long there!  You are going to love the whole collection of the Punny Poodle Skirts.

Earrings: Luxulite
Necklace: BorneUnique
Photos: Pinup Power Photography

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