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To Wear or Not to Wear

I love seeing others interpretation of the trendsetting styles for the season.Whether I would wear them all or not. Elle's predictions for the 2016 Fall collections is definitely interesting.I personally am loving the lux fabrics, textures, and color selection this season.The tiered skirts and dresses are among some of my favs with their textured looks, and seductive layers. And not to mention gorgeous!  Next in line for me would be the Military inspired blazers.I just love the look paired with jeans and knee high boots. Add the perfect accessories, and it's just crazy casual cool.And what's not to love about the black and sheer combinations. That's just awesome anytime

Now I do like me some animal prints, but for me, there is a thing as too much.I'm more of a splash here and there kinda girl. But that's what is great about having your own style.Do whatever you want! I have noticed a big shoulder fad going on, but I can't say I have found a piece I wanted to sport.Then again, I can't even handle shoulder pads! But I am digging the bold greens being used. Bold can be good, if it's done right.Always be willing to try new things, that's how to keep your wardrobe fresh and fun!


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