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October is finally here!

   The leaves are turning magnificent shades of reds,golds, and yellows. The smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere.But better yet, Pumpkin is one of my favorite colors as well. So different from the norm.Deep yet quite refreshing.Fall isn't only layering season,which is awesome, but it's also about playing with the different colors we may not normally think of. Or dare to try. What a fun  color and time of year!                      

I love sporting this shade whether its just adding that colorful jacket that makes the outfit, or perhaps a sweater dress, or a popping scarf.Or my fav go to outfit, a spicy Pumpkin Sweater with jeans and knee high Expresso boots.Yum! Don't forget to accessorize! The perfect jewelry, hair accessories, handbag, etc. It's definitely the details that adds that final touch. 

     Check out this inspiring collection board from Cynthia355 @

Take advantage of the seasons trends,while throwing in your own distinctive pieces that let you be true to your unique self.Play it up and have some fun this season!

Need help creating your own look? Or just some new inspiration with  that messy collection you already have? Get in touch@ or

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