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Be Fashion Fearless

Image result for playing dress up begins at age 5From the 50's Glam, the 60's Groove, 70's Funk, 80's Rock/Punk, to the 90's Grunge.I love it all, and how it stays the same.Yet constantly changes in the tiniest ways. And how it all is still contributing to the trends, and can be used to play off of each other for a super stylish, unique look.  It makes for the perfect, eclectic masterpieces to be created. Unlike the earlier 2000's, which just seemed to be a chaotic mix of all things trendy.Because lets face it, there is such a thing as too much.Thank goodness we seem to have come around now, and are in a more focused place in the fashion world. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Or just a sale away.
All that is needed if you're looking for the right look,  is a willing canvas.Are you willing to play with different styles? To step out of that comfy zone? Or do you find yourself wearing the same old stuff over and over again? I hope not. Play it up! Just like when we were kids and played dress up. It is still fun I assure you.I have a blast mixing the different styles, time period pieces, with just a dash of trend or vintage items.That is how we discover what makes us tick.To see what brings our inner sass out. It all works, we just have to get over the fear of looking silly, or worrying what others are going to think. It's key to remember to experiment, create, and most importantly, have some fun with it!

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