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Rubys Rubbish T Shirt Un-boxing!

Rubys Rubbish is an up and coming Texas-based custom tee shirt company. Our tees have Southern charm and light-hearted designs, Ruby’s Rubbish T-shirts are becoming an essential staple for any closet. We offer men’s, women’s and kids tee shirts. Who doesn't love a good tee? We are currently listed on Zulily, Sears, Country Outfitters, and Amazon, and in over 1,700 boutiques nationwide. 

Ruby's Rubbish

The material of both T's are 100% cotton, this makes for a soft light feel. The artwork on both T's are crisp and bold, just like I like it and the added art on the back shoulder was an excellent surprise!

The fit of these T's are a bit larger than expected. I am used to wearing fitted T's so that's probably why. The material provides a surprisingly soft and comfortable fit. 

Since the T's are made with 100% cotton, they may shrink a bit, but that will be ok with me! 

The Loretta, has nice glittery artwork, goes well with the graphic nature of the T.
The Oh what, has nice dark deep black artwork

Yes! These T's are comfortable and a fun addition to my wardrobe!

The quality is great and the material of the T's itself are so soft!

From the Creators
"Life is a Mess...but oh, what a beautiful mess!
There’s a saying in the south about wearing your heart on your sleeve; as two small town girls who like to dream big, we thought, “why stop with your sleeve?” Drawing inspiration from our Southern roots, love of T-shirts & long evenings around a jug of sweet tea, Ruby’s Rubbish was born!
What makes our clothes special is how we approach the creative process; it’s all heart over here at Ruby’s Rubbish. Every shirt is an adventure, a moment of our lives bottled and preserved in a cotton T. As wives, mothers, and women we’ve all had a day where we’re just a “Sweet Southern Mess”, and Lord knows every day we’re “Deeply Blessed”. From ball games to road trips, the best moments in life happen in our T-Shirts; at Ruby’s Rubbish you’ll find your very best moments, and with a little luck, will create some new ones along the way! Isn't life such a beautiful mess? 

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