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Kristina Marie McCulloch with Team

I am Kristina Marie McCulloch with Team Pink, “Pink Fishing.” I, like so many others, have been affected by Breast Cancer. In my own family, I’ve had two cousins who have had to have lumps removed, and my own mother had to have multiple lumps removed from her breast as well. Just this month, I lost one of my life inspirations, she was a two-time Breast Cancer survivor, who had just started her third treatment. Unfortunately, she had a massive stroke and passed. These are just some of the reasons I have made helping find a cure my passion.
I am the only Pink Fishing member in the state of Arkansas, and I have totally dedicated myself to spreading Breast Cancer Awareness across our beautiful state on our waterways. Pink Fishing members host tournaments and fundraisers to spread awareness and raise money for research. We depend on donations and sponsorships to make all this possible, and all proceeds from this event will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To help raise awareness and funds to donate for research, I’m hosting Arkansas' 1st Annual “Reeling in the Cure”  Big Bass Tournament, with “Pink Fishing.” We have committed to making a donation of $10,000.00 dollars to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., and we are very excited about surpassing this goal!
It’s to be located at Beaver Lake on October 22, 2016. This will not be your typical fishing tournament.  For the first time ever, it will be an all watercraft event (if it floats it will count). The most important division of the event will be the "Future Angler" 11 and under, bank fishing. I believe that our children are our future, in nature and in life, and awareness should start as early as possible. Additionally, whitewater boaters will also be competing in a strength category. We will also have a Silent Auction that will be open to the public. I’m hoping  to choose a different Arkansas lake every year for this event. I want to be able to spread awareness to all Arkansans, because this disease affects men and women, and just cannot be ignored. I’m just thankful and proud that I have a platform like “Pink Fishing” to help me do that.
In one way or another, we have all been touched by Breast Cancer somehow. Whether it has been our own personal battle or someone that we have known, loved, or lost.  I am just one of the many people working to support finding a cure. May we spread the word, create awareness, and with g \\\\ in the Cure.”


Kristina Marie McCulloch
Team Pink with Pink Fishing

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