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Happy New Year!

Reach for the stars this New Year! I have thought a lot about things I need to work on personally and financially and hope to reach those goals of mine that I have set!  Do you make goals or resolutions for New Year's?  One thing we can all get on board with is shining a little more, through your actions and even through your wardrobe!  Yes, believe me and go that extra step each day to make yourself  feel good!  You may put a little extra makeup on or do your hair, but feeling better about yourself will make you a better person to others!  I have to tell myself that more this year.  Successful people get up, get ready and get it done! 

One designer that truly shines is Gatsbylady London!  If you are looking for anything from a flapper dress to a maxi style and even casual day wear, you can find it here.  These dresses are so gorgeous! I am wearing the Vegas Fringe Flapper Dress in Gold.  It's a dream come true adorned with thousands of glass beads and pearl sequins. It includes a matching slip as well.  You'll love shimmying with the bead fringe along the bottom! Gatsbylady London dresses are available in a wide range of sizes 0-26. They are made with the highest quality and hand embellished designs.  Designer Rojda Hoda has really brought her lifelong passion of designing to life with this gorgeous brand!  Gatsbylady London was founded in 2010. 

I loved wearing this style and accessorizing with a matching headband.  This one is the Eliza Flapper Headband in Gold.  There is a great selection of headbands, turbans and shawls to add to your look.  You can even find coordinating bags and heels at Gatsbylady! I have never tried the casual day wear line, but I definitely want to! 

Photos: Brooklyn Brat Images

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