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Fall Fairies- Jubly Umph

Do you believe in Fairies?  Australian Artist Jubly-Umph in collaboration with Ashleigh Beevers Art has just released The Fierce Fairies Collection of lapel pins.  These pins are perfect for the Fall season to get your imagination going.  There are four designs available. Fierce, Magical, Wicked and I Believe in Fairies.  Each to remind you that you can do it, even when the possible seems impossible! Hang in there and be Fierce!  A little Fairy with lots of strength!  The Magical one I'm wearing is so pretty in bright green enamel and glitter with gold backing.  Each pin is Limited Edition and presented on a Jubly-Umph card.

 These lapel pins are one set of many pins that Jubly-Umph offers.  Tasha's art is just amazing!  You'll love the quirky sayings, animals and items that she designs.  Her art is available on shirts, posters, bags and other jewelry pieces too!  I have enjoyed wearing the art of Jubly-Umph for several years now and I always get compliments on it!

You can see the pretty detail with the gold backing.  These pins are very durable and the quality is excellent! 

Hair Flower: Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers
Jewelry: Bow and Crossbones

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