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Daisy Jean Floral Halloween Range

This season Daisy Jean Floral designed brooches around witches and the animals associated with them!  It's such a fun collection!  I'm featuring the witch herself, The Witches Flight and the Wise Watcher a beautiful barn owl.  Daisy Jean's brooches are laser cut, then hand painted and assembeled then coated with resin.  The end result is stunning!  I love Halloween so much and was thrilled to style these.  They are so special and you can really see all the detail and hard work involved in making them.  Daisy Jean has limited edition brooches for different seasons and themes throughout the year, so don't wait or you'll miss the one you have your eyes on!

I love the witches silhouette against the orange moon!  It just screams Halloween! 

All brooches feature a locking back. 

Whoooo loves it as much as me??

You can order Daisy Jean online or her items are found at some stockist in Australia! 

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