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Tag Team Cookies and Milk!

This Tag Team Skirt by Sarsparilly is one of the sweetest skirts I have seen!  Not only is the cookies and milk print the most, but it also an extremely comfortable skirt to wear. The fullness is insane!  I didn't even need to wear a petticoat to achieve the fullness shown, but certainly you could.  It has hidden pockets on the sides as well.  I love the shades of color in the cookies and milk duo print and the pretty blue background just makes this really pop!  I get instant joy wearing it and a slight craving for cookies! It's the perfect skirt for a baker or anyone who likes to wear fun prints.  

The material does not stretch, so measure accordingly and go by the sizing chart. 

There are so many fun dresses and skirts that she makes, I'm sure you will find something you have to have!

I am so impressed with Sarsparilly's vintage reproduction clothing.  The quality of this skirt is outstanding! Each item is handcrafted in Australia with love. You can really tell how much work and pride go into designer Maria's work. She began drawing designs at the young age of 11 and never gave the dream up. Sarsparilly was created in 2009 and relaunched in 2016 and aren't we glad!

Photos: Pinup Power Photography 

Hair piece: Soda Sweethearts

Earrings: Luxulite

Heels: Bettie Page Shoes 

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