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Fur, Floral & Fringe

So what’s up for our Fall Fashion for 2017,              
                             Fur, Floral, & Fringe

That’s what’s up!  It will be wild, funky, and pretty all at the same time. Sounds about right for styles stepping right out of Fall Fashion Week. And as always, we are left wondering what is next. I assure you, the best is yet to come. I'm super excited about some of my favorites styles and designers, and their creations that are making an appearance.  For now, I'm going to start with a few. Just look at this deep hued, and eye catching piece presented by Johnathan Simkhai. I could just melt. The delicate hands it took to create such a piece. Just Wow! Simple, elegant, and the look is so perfect for many occasions.

Like a touch of fur, or a little added softness to that vest, or jacket? Well your are gonna be feeling lucky this fall then, cause it wont' be just in bits and pieces, but in BIG statement pieces. Just look at this faux fur skirt by Oscar De La Renta! From jackets, to hats, to scarves, you name it.If you want it, you will be able to find it. Go ahead and express that inner wild child!

Next in line, is the floral attire. There is never a shortage of this it seems. And this season will be no different. While offering the typical girlish looks, this season will also be balancing the look out for that not so girly-girl! Think floral with a 90's flare.We will definitely see some dark spins on this style too. Love it!  

 Not so much about the floral look?  Need a little something different? Fringe is in! And I have to say, there are some pretty cool looks going on here. From off the shoulder looks, also a biggie this season, to fringed wrap skirts, pants, coats, and accessories. I'm loving the many shades, materials, and approach  that's taken here. Just look at this dark, sexy embroidered piece by Marchesa. Gorgeous!  Or the slip dress by Milly. With a bit of fringe it is ever so wearable on a night out on the town.

If you're not sure these looks are for you or not, don't worry. Not every style is for everyone. These are just a few of the predicted looks to be made available, and I'll be posting updates for more fun and wearable options.And as always don't run with the trends. Pick and mix, and have fun creating your own look. It is going to be an epitome of fun, funky, and fresh fashion! 

Check back for more fashion updates from Crystal Woodham

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