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Positive Petals- Karina Dresses

The Positive Petals Peggy Dress from Karina Dresses just screams Summer! This adorable red, white and blue print is so pretty. You can count on the high quality that you get with every Karina Dress as well. This is the first time I have worn the Peggy style and I really loved it! It features a collar on a v neck, which is a great look. It has a fitted waist and a flared skirt. The waistband is wide to give that added support and flattering effect. This pattern is part of the signature line of in house designed prints for Karina Dresses. The Peggy is sleeveless. Of course, it will be wrinkle free material that is perfect for your vacations! The dress is a win, win and I definitely recommend one for the season! 
I was able to hit up a festival in my town the other night and I decided this was the dress I should wear.  I knew I would feel confident and comfortable wearing a Karina. I got to see some beautiful classic cars and local vendors. It was a great family night!

Karina Dresses are made for all body types and sizes! The great thing about them is that they pride themselves on being a body positive company. They range in sizes 0-24. I promise you will find a style and print that you will love! 

Accessorizing this dress was fun for me!  I have some gorgeous red Atomic Boom Boomerang Brooches from Los Flamingo that I thought would look great with this print. You can see the fun detail in this closeup!

Earrings are Bow and Crossbones.

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