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The 10 Best 5-Minute Hairstyles That Keep Hair Out of Your Face

Ladies on the go know that in a fast-paced world, simple hair hacks and 5-minute hairstyles are everything, especially ones that solve pesky problems like getting your hair out of your face. Between racing to the office, sweating your stuff at the gym and crushing your hectic life, keeping your layers, bangs or loose ends at bay often falls by the wayside (*pauses, brushes hair out of eyes, keeps typing*). Here’s where those hair hacks come into play. We’ve found 10 super easy, mega pretty ‘dos that will get those tresses out of your face in a flash. Scroll through for the low-maintenance looks to start DIYing now.
hair 1

1. Runway-Ready Low Ponytail: Perfect for girls with long, same-length strands, this style upgrades a regular pony for a higher-end look without being difficult or taking up too much time. (via LuLu*s)
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2. Center Parted + Pinned: Part your hair in the middle, twist the front sections away from your face and pin in place for an instant boho-chic style. (viaBethany Marie Photography)
hair 3

3. Half Topknot: Topknots have been a no-brainer for some time, but this take offers something a little different. Section the front part of your hair off with an elastic, twist it around and pin it in place. (via Francis Lola)
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4. Twisted Bangs: Easy peasy — just twist the front of your hair or bangs until it forms a knot and use a clear elastic band or pin to secure it. (via Marie Claire)
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5. Bang Bang: This one’s a piece of cake! To quickly and beautifully get your hair out of your way, sweep it to the side, grab a colorful bobby pin or two and you’re ready to go. (via The Beauty Department)
hair 6

6. Bump Up: This is ideal for those days when you just can’t even. Brush back the front of your hair and/or bangs and tease for added volume by utilizing a little back-combing, then pin it in place. (via Brit + Co)
hair 7

7. Mini French Twist: When your bangs are driving you crazy, use this quick braiding trick to look pulled together in no time. Accessorizing with a sparkly hair pin makes it ultra glam. (via Elle)
hair 8

8. Braided Pompadour: Get your hair out of your face and off your neck with this rad pompodour braid. Rock this style on a night out or to your next yoga class. (viaTwist Me Pretty)
hair 9

9. Half Up Headband Roll: This one works for any type of hair, but is particularly useful for ladies growing out bangs. Simply put on an elastic headband, leaving some hair loose in front, then roll back the loose hair and tuck it under the band to hold it in place. (via Treasures and Travels)
hair 10

10. Sleek Headband: If you’re a pixie-cut gal, keeping the hair out of your face is a constant struggle. Brush it down smoothly and slip on a decorative scarf or headband for a flapper-cool look. (via Cosmopolitan)
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