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Taste of Style – ‘Duck Dynasty’ Women Bring L.A. Fashion to Louisiana at Duck and Dressing Boutique

When you think ‘Duck Dynasty,’ you think long beards, deep Southern drawls and … ducks. You probably don’t think high fashion, but two Robertson family members are out to change those perceptions (well, some of them anyway).
Korie Robertson and foster daughter Rebecca Robertson are trying to make their names known in the fashion industry. These two ladies from the famous Louisiana family recently opened a Monroe, La. clothing store called Duck and Dressing, and because the physical store was getting so much business from fans, they decided to open an online store, as well.
The women both share a love for fashion and are hardly amateurs. Rebecca was able to pursue her fashion dreams when she studied at LSU and then interned in Los Angeles. With a successful show on A&E, the pair decided it was the perfect time to share their talents with the world. The women chatted with Taste of Country about everything fashion for this week’s brand new — and a little different — edition of Taste of Style.

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